Monday, June 20, 2011

50 million

a boy named Sue
      UNICEF estimates that there are over 50 million orphaned children in China. 50 million. That means there are 50 million reasons for me to go back to China, but I only need one. 
      My mama fell in love with Sue. He was the most easy going baby there. He loved to be cuddled and has the cutest smile. When my mom would walk into the orphanage, the nannies would hand her Sue, "her baby."  This is a quote from my mom's facebook page 
    "My heart aches to hold you again my little one. The miles are to far! I send you love with a prayer that God finds you parents to love you as much as He and I do my little Sue!"
my Al
      My little guy Al, we cant remember his Chinese name so we called him Al, like alligator, because he was teething and tried to bite everything. It breaks my heart to see a baby 2 years 3 months with a bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate, well knowing that surgery could have been done a while ago. he is beefy so he's getting  food in, but his life could be so much better with surgery. I wish I could have brought this little guy home and gave him all the love and services that he desperately needs, unfortunately I'm too young.  I love you Al, each day I pray that you are matched with a family that will love you more that I do. 

And if you need a few more reasons to go.... here you go.            

We are home!

China was an experience. I'm sorry I was unable to blog while in China, I didn't realize that it would be blocked. I have posted a bunch of pictures on my facebook, [] but here are just a few of the many photos.
long flight

Dragon fruit

James 1:27


Steamed bread=happy tummy

Top of the Great Wall

Mama's pose

Tienanmen Square

Forbidden City

Award for being crazy! lol

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey guys, Katie would like to thank you all for following the blog but unfortunately blogspot as well as Facebook is blocked in China so she is unable to update it. She plans to post pictures and information about her trip once she returns. If you would like you get in contact with her to see how everything is going email her at

- Jarmon

Sunday, June 5, 2011


In Canada now. The airport is pretty awesome. The flight up wasn't too bad either now we are just dreading the wonderful 11 hour flight to China.      
our plane

this is the change we got from A&W

flying fishies!!

pretty mountains


in the hotel

Getting ready to leave!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Send off Dinner

Gramma and Popo invited me and mom over for a Chinese themed dinner. :] It was a lot of fun.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

China Itinerary

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Caramel China Countdown

The count down begins!!! [sign made from starbucks caramel, mocha, raspberry, and whipped cream] and don't worry, we recycled the caramel to make a few grumpy peoples macchiatos. jk :) sign by: kate & sandy photo by: sandy

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tigers stick together

A second year pharmacy student from Pacific, Daniel, heard about our trip to China, and came up to my mom on Sunday and gave us this first aid bag for us to take, completely filled with medications, band-aids, the works. Never met the man before, he just walked up to my mom and gave her the bag. How amazing is this young man?! I don't think I have ever done anything this awesome for a complete stranger before in my life. Very sweet. Pacific has pretty exceptional students :)

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Monday, May 30, 2011

packing time...

so we started packing, only got 2 bags done but hey that's progress.. still have much to do before we leave. but here are a few pictures of what we have going with us :)
toys and fun stuff

baby shoes and blankets

blankets in a vacuum bag

baby clothes

more clothes in the vacuum bad waiting to be sucked up!

 ...more clothes

random stuff to shove somewhere

whaddya know..more baby clothes

butterfly bags :)

think I have enough trail mix??